Travel Job Assignments Help Ease Burnout

Travel Job Assignments Help Ease Burnout

Allied healthcare workers and burnout

For the allied health workforce, burnout ranks as a key factor in healthcare professionals to seek travel job assignments.

In an article originally published by Crain Communications, the post highlights survey results performed by AMN Healthcare Services, Inc.

Travel assignments a viable option

Burnout is a key reason many allied healthcare professionals choose to work travel assignments, according to survey data released today by healthcare staffing firm AMN Healthcare Services Inc. These include therapists, laboratory technologists, radiologic technologists and others.

The survey found 70% of allied health workers surveyed said burnout influenced their decision to work as travelers either “a great deal” or “a lot.” In addition, 45% said COVID-19 influenced their decision to work as travelers either “a great deal” or “a lot.”

“Burnout and the pandemic are reshaping the healthcare workforce,” said Robin Johnson, division president, allied staffing solutions with AMN Healthcare. “A growing number of physicians, allied healthcare professionals and nurses are seeking alternatives to traditional practice settings, and many are choosing to work as travelers.”

Travel jobs attract a younger workforce

AMN also found that travel positions are becoming more popular among younger professionals. The majority of travel allied health professionals, 53%, are 40 years old or younger. It found as well that 12% said they began work as travelers right after training.

“Typically, healthcare professionals begin to work as travelers after they have worked in permanent positions for a number of years,” Johnson said. “Today, they are more likely to make travel an early ­stage career choice.”

AMN’s survey included 1,161 allied health professionals.

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