What Makes TSCO Special

What Makes TSCO Special

Who is TSCO?

Therapy Solutions Collective (TSCO) is an innovative staffing company, with technology-forward implementation. We seek clinicians that possess a unique set of qualities that make a rare and valuable partnership with TSCO. Therapists and assistants who have exceptional skills, life experience, a good attitude, and a willingness to dream are welcomed into the Therapy Solutions Collective.

TSCO is the agency of choice because we allow you to gain control of how, where, and when you work. At TSCO we facilitate contracts, communication and placements so you can focus on your work in a healthcare setting or school setting.

Testimonial from a leader

We recently sat down with Keri Crompton, Vice President of TSCO. We asked her some questions about what makes Therapy Solutions Collective so special and how she empowers her teams.

What are you proud of? I am proud of helping to create a place where people can truly find work assignments that match their objectives for their career as well as their personal lives. We want our team to have balance in their lives and we work hard to help them achieve this balance.

What are the parts of your job that push you? Today’s post-pandemic market is the most challenging. Candidates became accustomed to higher pay rates than normal and are struggling with the leveling of the market; clients are struggling with budgets and expenses as reimbursement rates continue to drop.

Do you have the same measure of success for yourself as you do for your peers/colleagues? I am my harshest critic. I hope that my peers/colleagues feel that I promote growth and support learning while also holding people accountable for their departments and positions. With that said, success is a mindset and when that is shared by the team and the vision is shared everyone should succeed.

Without giving away secrets, what are some ways you want to innovate in your field? AI, automation, and a few other differentiators that will make people want to be part of the TSCO team.

Do you think jobs at an executive level are inherently high-stress positions? I think life is high-stress in the world we live in. I hope to possess the grace to not believe my stress is better or worse than anyone else.

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