Heart Month: Focus on Healthy Habits

Heart Month: Focus on Healthy Habits

February is Heart Month 

February is American Heart Month. Your heart works nonstop whether you’re hard at work or taking a break. Keeping your heart happy and healthy should always be a priority.  

Seniors have additional challenges when trying to maintain a healthy heart, including isolation, inactivity, inconsistent meals, and medication management. There are many tactics we can employ to support seniors and help them maintain a healthy heart, not only during Heart Month, but all year. 

Senior support network  

Many seniors live alone or have a tendency to become isolated due to factors like infrequent social outings and a small friend and family network. Such isolation can lead to depression, inactivity, and poor personal health practices. Seniors in isolation can benefit from frequent check-ins from friends and family, access to ride share programs for outings, and having their healthcare professionals provide resources.  

Get moving 

Exercise for seniors doesn’t necessarily mean fitness classes or investing in a machine. Simple changes like intentionally walking 5 minutes, stretching in a chair, or lifting dumbbells can make a difference and improve your cardiovascular health. Even low to moderate activity helps control unhealthy fat levels, which is good for your heart. 

Therapy Solutions has therapists that can assist seniors with therapy, exercise, and wellness activities to improve their overall health. 

Regular meals 

Forgetting to eat or the inability to fix healthy meals impacts the health of seniors greatly. Taking advantage of services like Meals on Wheels or even having a friends and family create a meal chain can improve the vitality of seniors and ensure their heart has the nutrients it needs.  

Cheers to a healthy heart 

Keeping your heart happy and healthy is all about the small things you do each day. Remember, always consult a doctor or healthcare professional before beginning any new exercise or diet routine. 

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